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This DVD features over an hour of instruction to help you become the best catcher you can be. If you want to maximize your potential, the information in this video is for you.

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8 Major Sections of Focus

  1. Receiving
  2. Game Management
  3. Blocking
  4. Footwork and Throwing
  5. Plays at the Plate
  6. Fielding Bunts
  7. Pop-ups
  8. Wild Pitch/Passed Ball

Professional Drills

This video contains 20+ drills and variations to rehearse and refine the essential skills that are needed to become an elite catcher. These are drills that Sheaffer has put professional players through during his entire coaching career. Catchers at any level can benefit from working through each of these drills.

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Exclusive Instruction 

This video is also filled with practical instruction on how to run a pitching staff, how to call a game, how to manage the umpire-catcher relationship, and much more...